About Tree Tech

Tree Tech was founded by Joseph Brennan, 2ND Generation Arborist in the Holland Michigan Area. Raised in the tree industry, Tree Tech brings over 30 years combined experience. We love our job we take it very seriously. Safety is always top priority. We execute the best plan of action, working with home owners to make sure the job is planned out safely in a organized manner that best suites their needs. Customer relationships are very important to us and customer service is top priority. We take much pride in our work believe that you are getting what you pay for and we will go above and beyond job expectation with proper approach to all steps taken to ensure job is done to perfection in a safe manner. Our clean up has exceeded our reputation which we strongly stand by. Commercial and Residential. We hope to help you with your tree care needs and maintain a great relationship doing so.

Safe Tree Removal

Tree Removal can come into factor for many reasons. Dead trees can pose a threat to homes and safety. Tree removals can be a option for change of landscape or structures. Removing Tree(s) that are infected or have lots of decay and are going to fail and may cause damage or injury. Safety is number one when it comes to removing trees. Backed by equipment, proper training and a lot of new advanced techniques, Tree Tech can approach tree removal in a safe manner. Seeking best plan of action to remove Tree(s) by Equipment (Cranes for Large Trees in tight Quarters), Bucket Trucks to safely Remove Dead Trees or Position for safe work area. Climbing and removing trees with all proper equipment, training, top of the line rigging equipment, & trained Climbers with extensive training and experience.

Tree Pruning

Essential to do for your Trees Long Term Health, Removing Deadwood and Keeping Trees Properly Pruned to Maintain Good Structurual Growth, Removing Large Limbs poccesing possible Threats to Failure . Help Prevent Mold and Decay on Roof Tops.  Pruning Helps with letting more light into property into over grown areas (Damp Areas) . Pruning will Give your property a nice lift. Improve your Landscape Look and your Trees Health to Have a more Prestine Landscape and Quality Investment for Property.

Lot and Land Clearing

Clearings for New Developments or Homes is sometime brought into affect for New Builds. Working With builders and contractors Tree Tech can execute the Job for new site development or New Home Lot Clearings.  From Small Clearings to large clearings we have the equipment and know how to get the job done safely and correctly.

Emergency Storm Damage Specialist

Trees can be a beauty and a beast we say . Sometimes you just don’t know what mother nature throws at us. In case of a Emergency with your tree(s) , Possible storm damage from heavy storms such as Wind Shears, Tornados, Tree & Limb Failure Causing damage to home or structure we are on 24Hour call for Emegency Storm Damages. Equipped with Cranes and Machines to excute safe Storm Damage Removal. Storm Damaged Trees are very dangerous and should be taken care of by a trained personal.

Tree Cabling/Bracing

This can be a VERY important task when it comes to Mature old Growth Trees with Lots of Lateral growth and heavy limbs. Supporting the canopy with a state of the art cable system can be a good preventavive to help your Young or Mature Trees to maintain good structure .  Cable system will help with exccesive swaying in high winds. Also a safety factor for reassuince that Large limbs or tops will not separate during high winds. Bracing comes into factor when the tree is Splitting appart hence a cable system and sometimes on large splits where tree can be saved a proper install of threaded rod with nuts to pull split back together. Not all trees have to be cut down if shown signs of splits and high flex in winds. Have Your Trees Accesed Annually . We highly preach to homeowners to just keep a eye on there trees. Trees are a very important piece of your property providing Shade , Oxygen, cover, habitat, and a nice appearance to property.

Colored Mulch

Give your property and landscape a nice lift with are quality mulch made from all recycled material right here in West Michigan. Great Rates.
We supply: Dark Brown Mulch, Black Mulch, Red Mulch, Dessert Gold Mulch, and All Natural Mulch