Land Clearing

Tree Tech is MDOT approved.  We have everything necessary for large industrial and commercial land clearing projects. No matter the size or location, we can take the project on.

Hazardous Tree Removal

One of the most challenging aspects of urban forestry is hazard tree removal, the process of removing large trees in inaccessible locations and confined quarters by implementing roping, lowering and rigging techniques.

While removing these trees we are always mindful of protecting your landscape, hardscapes (including patios, walkways, and driveways) and existing plants.

Likewise, we are ever aware of the risk facing the arborists performing these services, we go to great lengths to protect their safety at all times.

Brush Chipping

After removing or trimming a tree, the excess debris can leave a significant mess. Tree Tech can help you process felled branches, limbs, and cleared brush by using a wood chipping machine. In very short order, we can chip and sort your wood debris into consistent, clean wood chips for recycling, mulching, or other uses.

Stump Grinding

Professional stump grinding services.  Capable of removing any sized stump fast and efficiently without destroying your property.

View Enhancement

A process of pruning by selectively removing branches from your trees for added view, while maintaining the overall health and structure of your trees.

Deadwood Removal

By removing branches from your trees that are no longer living we are able to improve the health of the trees and at the same time increase their beauty.

Removing deadwood protects against disease, insect infestation, long term decay, and fire hazard, all at the same time minimizing wind fall cleanup.

Tree Removal

Tree removal may seem like a straight forward project, it can be a highly technical and complex task that requires trained and qualified professionals.